Keysight 衰減控制器,J7201A/J7201B/J7201C

推薦使用頻率範圍可從DC to 6/18/26.5 GHz,衰減範圍可從0 to 101/121 dB , 1 dB 步進的衰減控制器J7201A/J7201B/J7201C

Keysight 衰減控制器J7201A/J7201B/J7201C主要特色

- Attenuation sweep function enables the selection of application-specific dwell time and attenuation values - LXI Class C compliance provides GPIB, USB and LAN connectivity for easy remote integration
- 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability typical per section for the entire 5 million cycles ensures accuracy and reduces calibration intervals 
- Excellent attenuation accuracy and flatness ensure precise measurements 
- Relative attenuation step function allows attenuation relative to any value
- Keypads and rotary knob control provide fast and easy attenuation setting