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N7606EMBC PathWave Signal Generation for Bluetooth®, Waveform Playback

N7606EMBC PathWave Signal Generation for Bluetooth®, Waveform Playback
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Keysight N7606EMBC PathWave Signal Generation for Bluetooth®, Waveform Playback

Create signals that conform to Bluetooth® BR+EDR, Bluetooth LE 4.0/4.2/5 communication standards on Keysight signal generators.

* Keysight N7606EMBC 主要技術規格

- Create standard-based signals for Bluetooth Basic Rate (BR), Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), Low Energy (LE) 4.0, 4.2, Bluetooth 5, 5.1 and 5.3 version technologies
- Configure fully-coded Bluetooth packets and Bluetooth modulated data streams for both basic (BR) and Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), Bluetooth LE 4.0/4.2, Bluetooth 5 and 5.1 for AoA/AoD
- Dirty transmitter test setup for receiver sensitivity tests using DHx, 2-DHx, 2-EVx, 3-DHx and 3-EVx packet types for EDR or using Bluetooth low energy reference packet
- KeysightCare software support subscription included

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Simplify Bluetooth Signal Creation

Keysight Signal Studio software is a flexible suite of signal-creation tools that will reduce the time you spend on signal simulation. For Bluetooth, Signal Studio’s performance-optimized reference signals—validated by Keysight—enhance the characterization and verification of your devices. Through its application-specific userinterface you’ll create standards-based and custom test signals for component, transmitter, and receiver test.

Component and transmitter test

Signal Studio’s basic capabilities use waveform playback mode to create and customize waveform files needed to test components and transmitters. Its user friendly interface lets you configure signal parameters, calculate the resulting waveforms and download files for playback. The applications for these partially coded, statistically correct signals include • Parametric test of components, such as amplifiers and filters • Performance characterization and verification of RF sub-systems
N7606EMBC Signal Studio for Bluetooth, waveform playback
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