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N9080EM0E LTE and LTE-Advanced FDD Measurement Application, Multi-Touch UI

N9080EM0E LTE and LTE-Advanced FDD Measurement Application, Multi-Touch UI
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Keysight N9080EM0E LTE and LTE-Advanced FDD Measurement Application, Multi-Touch UI

Perform LTE and LTE-Advanced FDD base station (eNB) and user equipment (UE) transmitters one-button measurements with pass/fail tests as defined by 3GPP standard

* N9080EM0E

  • Perform LTE and LTE-Advanced TDD transmitter one-button uplink and downlink measurements with pass/fail tests per 3GPP standard Release 8 to 15
  • Pre-defined E-UTRA Test Configurations for multi-carrier (MC) and carrier aggregation (CA)
  • View and analyze up to five component carriers (CCs) simultaneously in both contiguous and non-contiguous configurations
  • Pursue improved spectral efficiency with higher order demodulation to 1024QAM
  • Spectrum and power measurements: channel power, SEM, cumulative SEM, ACLR, cumulative ACLR (CACLR), OBW, spurious emissions, transmitter intermodulation
  • Modulation analysis measurements: EVM, frequency error, time alignment error, RSTP, OSTP, I/Q offset and more. Pinpoint signal impairments with color-coded traces like EVM vs. symbol, EVM vs. subcarrier, detected allocations (subcarrier vs. symbol), constellation diagram, and frame summary
  • Performance: Residual EVM, 5 MHz downlink signal: up to 0.34% (0.28% nominal); ACLR, 5 MHz E-UTRA adjacent channel: up to -83.5 dB (nominal); Absolute power accuracy: up to ±0.19 dB
  • Support multi-touch user interface and SCPI remote interface programming
  • KeysightCare software support subscription included
  • Keysight supports tiered application models with N-models for UXA/PXA/PXE, E-models for MXA/EXA/MXE/VXT, and W-models for CXA. The higher tiered application models can run at the lower platforms, which means N-models can run on all platforms, E-models can run on MXA/EXA/MXE/VXT and CXA, and W-models can only run on CXA
LTE, LTE-Advanced FDD/TDD, LTE-V2X and NB-IoT/eMTC FDD Measurement Applications

The LTE, LTE-Advanced FDD/TDD, LTE-V2X and NB-IoT/eMTC FDD measurement applications transform the X-Series signal analyzers with multi-touch into standardsbased RF transmitter testers. The applications provide fast, one-button RF conformance measurements to help you design, evaluate, and manufacture your base stations (eNB) and user equipment (UE). The measurement applications closely follow the 3GPP standard, allowing you to stay on the leading edge of your design and manufacturing challenges.
N9080EM0E    LTE and LTE-Advanced FDD Measurement Application      

USB HostID Hardware Keys (Dongle)
E8900-D10      USB read-only licensing dongle - FLEX10