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N9089B04E 3G and 2G Bundle

N9089B04E 3G and 2G Bundle
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Keysight N9089B04E 3G and 2G Bundle

This is the X-Series Measurement Application subscription bundle for 2G and 3G measurement applications including GSM, cdma2000, W-CDMA/HSPA+, 1xEV-DO, and TD-SCDMA/HSPA.

Keysight N9089B04E

- GSM/EDGE/Evo measurement application
- cdma2000 measurement application
- W-CDMA/HSPA+ measurement application
- 1xEV-DO measurement application
- TD-SCDMA/HSPA measurement application
GSM/EDGE/Evo Measurement Application

The GSM/EDGE/Evo measurement application transforms the X-Series signal analyzers into standards-based GSM, EDGE, and EDGE-Evolution transmitter testers by adding fast one-button RF conformance measurements to help you design, evaluate, and manufacture your GSM/EDGE devices. The measurement application is further enhanced to support multicarrier (MC) BTS and voice services over adaptive multi-user channels on one slot (VAMOS)—allowing you to stay on the leading edge of your design and manufacturing challenges.
N9089B04E     X-Series Measurement Application 2G and 3G Bundle      

USB HostID Hardware Keys (Dongle)
E8900-D10      USB read-only licensing dongle - FLEX10