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X 系列信號分析儀/頻譜分析儀
N9069EM0E Noise Figure雜訊指數量測應用軟體

適用於 CXA 和 CXA-m 的 W9069A 雜訊指數量測應用軟體是 X 系列超過 25 套通用型進階量測應用軟體的其中一套,可全面提昇量測儀器、量測方式以及量測軟體之信號分析效率。 此應用軟體提供單鍵式雜訊指數與增益量測功能,可將 CXA 和 CXA-m PXIe 信號分析儀轉變成雜訊指數測試儀,以協助您設計、評估和製造您的裝置和接收系統。

雜訊指數量測應用軟體,適用於 CXA 和 CXA-m

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Keysight N9069EM0E Noise Figure雜訊指數量測應用軟體

Perform transmitters with one-button noise figure and gain measurements with multi-touch UI operation.

Keysight N9069EM0E主要技術規格

- Perform one-button noise figure and gain measurements from 10 MHz to 50 GHz
- Provides multi-DUT calibration routine and measurement profiles to speed up noise figure measurements on multiple DUTs
- Supports Keysight SNS Series noise sources, 346 Series noise sources, U1831C USB smart noise source, and multi-stage converters, external LO control and manual mode
- Combine with U7227x Series USB preamps for reduced noise figure measurement uncertainty
- Measurements include noise figure, gain, Y-factor, effective temperature, and hot/cold power density
- Estimate the overall noise figure using the measurement uncertainty calculator
- Performance (hardware dependent)
- Instrument noise figure: 17.25 dB at 1 GHz, 6.00 dB at 1 GHz with U7227A USB preamp
- Instrument match: 1.52 at 1 GHz, 1.54 with U7227A USB preamp
- Support multi-touch user interface and SCPI remote interface programming
- KeysightCare software support subscription included
Noise Figure Measurement Application
Noise figure is one of the fundamental parameters that differentiates one system, amplifier, or transistor from another. To minimize the problems resulting from noise generated in receiver systems, engineers can either make a weak signal stronger, or reduce the noise of that system or its individual components. The Keysight Technologies, Inc. N9069EM0E noise figure measurement application offers development engineers a simple tool to make accurate and repeatable noise figure measurements. The speed of this application also allows manufacturing engineers to rapidly measure any one of the following in their test racks:

– Noise figure/factor
– Gain – Effective temperature
– Y-factor
– Hot/cold power density

The noise figure application utilizes the Y-factor method for calculating noise figure. By using a noise source, an X-Series signal analyzer can quickly determine the noise of the device under test. This method is very simple, as it utilizes a ratio of two noise power levels: one measured with the noise source ON and the other with the noise source OFF.
Ordering Information
Flexible Licensing and Configuration

• Perpetual: License can be used in perpetuity.
• Time-based: License is time limited to a defined period, such as 12-months.
• Node-locked: Allows you to use the license on one specified instrument/computer.
• Transportable: Allows you to use the license on one instrument/computer at a time. This license may be transferred to another instrument/computer using Keysight’s online tool.
• Floating: Allows you to access the license on networked instruments/computers from a server, one at a time. For concurrent access, multiple licenses may be purchased. • USB portable: Allows you to move the license from one instrument/computer to another by end-user only with certified USB dongle, purchased separately. • Software support subscription: Allows the license holder access to Keysight technical support and all software upgrades