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X 系列信號分析儀/頻譜分析儀
N9068EM0E Phase Noise相位雜訊量測應用軟體

N9068EM0E Phase Noise相位雜訊量測應用軟體, 多點觸控UI
N9068EM0E Phase Noise Measurement Application, Multi-Touch UI
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Keysight N9068EM0E Phase Noise相位雜訊量測應用軟體

推薦使用N9068EM0E相位雜訊量測應用軟體,搭配向量信號分析儀可透過多點觸控 UI,在時域和頻域中對發射器執行單鍵式相位雜訊量測

* Keysight N9068EM0E主要技術規格:

- 提供單鍵量測功能,可在頻域(對數座標圖)與時域(標定頻率)中分析相位雜訊 
- 對數座標圖量測:可呈現頻域中的相位雜訊,包括 DANL 位準,另外還提供整合式雜訊量測以及突波表
- 標定頻率量測:可呈現時域中的相位雜訊,包括載波頻率漂移量測
- 監視頻譜:提供易於使用的簡易頻譜檢視功能,可快速查看您的信號
- IQ 波形量測:提供易於使用的簡易時域檢視功能
- 效能:
- 相位雜訊密度準確度:高達 0.20 dB
- 偏移頻率準確度:0.5 %
- 儀器基本相位雜訊(中心頻率 = 1 GHz 時的典型值) -128 dBc/Hz
- 支援多點觸控操作介面和 SCPI 遠端介面程控
- 隨附 KeysightCare 軟體支援訂閱服務

* 軟體詳細資訊

- 信號與頻譜分析儀 桌上型/模組化/手持式 韌體更新中心

Phase Noise Measurement Application

hase noise can be expressed as random, short-term frequency instability and is a key specification in both transmitter and receiver performance. For example, transmitting phase noise with digitally modulated signals leads to the spreading of symbols limiting the symbol rate. Phase noise in receiver local oscillators limits sensitivity by obscuring weak signals in LO phase noise sidebands. Keysight’s N9068EM0E phase noise measurement application for the UXA, PXA, MXA, EXA and CXA X-Series signal analyzers uses the direct spectrum method. This method measures single-sideband phase noise power in the signal analyzer. The application automatically configures and optimizes the analyzer’s settings, such as resolution bandwidth (RBW) and phase locked loops to achieve the highest measurement accuracy and speed.

Hardware Configuration

For optimizing measurements on phase noise signals with the phase noise measurement application, Keysight recommends a minimum level of X-Series multi-touch instrument hardware functionality at each instrument performance point. Supported instruments include:

- UXA N9040B, N9041B, N9042B
- PXA  N9030B, N9032B
- MXA N9020B, N9021B
- EXA N9010B
- CXA N9000B

- VSA up to 6 GHz M9391A
- VSA up to 50 GHz M9393A
Ordering Information
Flexible Licensing and Configuration

• Perpetual: License can be used in perpetuity.
• Time-based: License is time limited to a defined period, such as 12-months.
• Node-locked: Allows you to use the license on one specified instrument/computer.
• Transportable: Allows you to use the license on one instrument/computer at a time. This license may be transferred to another instrument/computer using Keysight’s online tool.
• Floating: Allows you to access the license on networked instruments/computers from a server, one at a time. For concurrent access, multiple licenses may be purchased. • USB portable: Allows you to move the license from one instrument/computer to another by end-user only with certified USB dongle, purchased separately. • Software support subscription: Allows the license holder access to Keysight technical support and all software upgrades